“I would absolutely recommend Caryl Colton to ANYONE that will listen to me rave about her! It’s one thing to follow a “lesson plan” for a conference/ forum. But it’s another to keep it lively, engaging and have the “light bulbs” go on. I was not only happy to learn of the things I “was doing right” (without having the knowledge of “The Math” ), but so inspired and motivated to make the changes for a greater success of our growing Salon. The connection Caryl makes is magical! She manages to keep the momentum flowing and the energy vibrant while opening our minds to the potential of greater success without making it feel overwhelming. Caryl Colton is a gem!” Desirae (Desi) Alarcon

“This was my second class with Caryl and I absolutely love her classes. She’s so knowledgeable and the day just fly by – she always keeps the class energized!” Sydney Koren

“Caryl is an amazing teacher, great energy and is awesome on getting the students to engaged and participate.” Stephanie Boucher

“This was an amazing class to set up business owners with the tools needed to manage the business that happens when you step away from behind the chair. Tools from leadership to profit and loss that are essential to keep the doors open. Loved it!!” Sydney Koren

“I had so many “ah-hah” moments, it was incredible. I knew the information going to this class but I walked away with a whole new outlook on my job. ” Ashley Sinton